Virtual Meetings

Our Vegan Investor group meets monthly via ZOOM typically on the third Wednesday of the month.  In addition, we will be hosting a pitch event for female founders and founders of color this fall. You must be a member of Vegan Investors to attend our meetings.

Have you joined Vegan Investors yet?  If not, please do! After you’ve joined, signed the sharing agreement, and contributed your membership fee, we will send you a sign up link for the monthly meetings.

If you are a company that would like to present, please see this page HERE.  We invite one or two companies to present each month.  We will contact you if you are selected to present.  Unfortunately, due to the volume of submissions we receive, we are unable to contact everyone who applies.

Please Note:
We will put together a Special Purpose Vehicle for investments in companies that have investor interest that totals $50K or more. $5K – $10K is usually the minimum for each investment and there is a $500 fee per investor (paid to our SPV issuer) regardless of investment size (so, for example, it’s $500 for an investment of $5K or $25K).  Upon a  liquidation event, after the return of the investor’s initial investment, profits are split 95/5. 95% goes to investors, while our SPV issuer receives 2%, Due Diligence leaders receive 2%, and Vegan Investors receives 1%. Investors are encouraged to donate 5% or more of their profits to animal rights organizations.


Note: The information contained herein was prepared solely for the purpose of discussion in order to determine preliminary interest in a potential investment in securities that may be offered pursuant to separate offering documentation. Under no circumstances is this information to be used or considered as an offer to sell, or solicitation of any offer to buy, any security. Any such offering may be made only by such separate offering documentation, which will be furnished upon request, contains important information about investing in early-stage companies,  including risk factors associated with making such an investment. The offering documentation, if requested and furnished, should be read carefully by all potential investors. The information is not to be used for any other purpose or made available to anyone not directly associated with the determination of any such interest.