Fall Showcase: BIPOC and Female Founded Vegan Companies

Hosted by Vegan Investors along with our Co-Sponsors and Partners:



Three to Five Entrepreneurs Presenting, $100K+ of Investment- Wednesday, September 15th. Join Us!

Showcase Objectives:

  • Showcase Female and BIPOC founders and mobilize investments
  • Democratize access to this asset class through the creation of special-purpose vehicles (SPVs)
  • Widen the network of investors and create new syndication partnerships


June 1st – Applications OPEN

June 30th – Applications CLOSE

July 14th – Screening committee announces semi-finalists— Lupii, New Breed Meats, AVEGAN Beauty, Vegan Wines

July 21st – First set of semi-finalists present to Vegan Investors

August 18th –  Second set of semi-finalists present to Vegan Investors

September 1st – Finalists Announced (2-3 companies)

September 15th – Fall Showcase – 12 noon PST / 3 pm EST

September/October – Investor Due Diligence period

October 15th – Due Diligence Reports due

October 22nd – SPV Investments due

Screening Committee:

Aurora Doyon

Yaqi Gao Grover

Tadd Hatcher
Eric Mahlstedt
Lisa Mirman
Sara Murray
Emily Oliver
Lara Prior
Alicia Robb
Naomi Sachs


  • DIVERSE TEAM: Led by a founder(s) who are Black, Indigenous, or People of color (BIPOC), including Latinx AND/OR Female-led
  • IMPACT-FOCUSED: Company has a potentially significant positive impact on people, communities, & the planet that is intentional & measurable
  • VEGAN and REMOVING ANIMALS FROM THE SUPPLY CHAIN: Company is offering a plant-based alternative(s) to food, drink, fashion, etc. product(s) that typically use animal products (examples: beef, chicken, pork, fish, milk, cheese, egg, wool, leather, silk, etc.).
  • ACTIVELY FUNDRAISING: Company is raising a minimum of $100K in convertible notes, preferred equity, Flex Equity, or Revenue Based Financing; round open until 10/15/2021
  • COMPANY STAGE: Proof of product-market fit with some market traction.
  • COMPANY STRUCTURE: US-based C-corp or Public Benefit Corporation (no LLCs)
  • SCALABLE: Company is scalable with the potential for large impact & provide liquidity (& financial return) to investors within 10 yrs
  • REASONABLE VALUATIONS: Company valuation must be relevant to entity stage, revenues & market median prices

Investors have committed to doing due diligence and investing $100K+ into the finalists!

Applications are now be accepted! (Deadline to apply is June 30th):


Thanks to our partners!

Kachuwa Impact Fund * Next Wave Impact * Lightship Capital   *  Beyond Investing   *  Vevolution  *   Vegpreneur  * ProjectW

Join us! email info@veganinvestors.com if you’d like to partner or sponsor the event.