Cruelty Free Investing is a free resource that categorizes all publicly traded companies by whether they exploit animals or not. There is also a list of the 10 worst exploiters, vegan financial advisors, and other vegan investing information:

Good Food Institute’s Resources for Investors page: From state of the industry reports, technical papers, an industry insider newsletter, and more – this page provides valuable resources for investors in our space. Explore here:

Next Wave Impact’s Investor Education page:  5, 20, and 60-minute videos all topics around early-stage investing:

Other Resources:

VEGPRENEUR Facebook Group

Vegpreneur publishes a monthly list of startups raising funds.

Vegan Women’s Leadership Network

Beyond Animal

Vegan Investing Club

Vegconomist: The Vegan Business Magazine

Vegan Launch

Here are a few other resource pages for founders: