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Why join an investor group?  Many companies have investment minimums of $100K-$500K, which is pretty steep for most angel investors who are trying to build a diversified portfolio of companies in this asset class (early-stage private companies). In addition to providing support with pipeline, screening, and due diligence, Vegan Investors provides deal syndication opportunities by putting together special purpose vehicles (SPVs) for investments any time we have, in aggregate, investment commitments of $50K or more. The minimum investment size per investor per deal is $5K-$10K.  We work with Loon Creek Capital to form the SPVs and the cost is just $500 per investor regardless of the investment amount into any SPV.

We have joined forces with Vevolution in 2022 and will run all of our deal flow, diligence, and communications through that platform.

Here is a great resource page with investor education resources if you are just getting started with early-stage investing.