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*******************  Please note that we will only be screening vegan companies led by BIPOC and Female Founders over the summer and we will be hosting a fall event on September 15th, 2021 showcasing 3-5 finalists from the summer screenings.  We will restart our monthly pitch sessions in October.  If you are a female or BIPOC founder, please consider applying to present at the showcase. See the showcase page for more info.  ***************************************

If you are vegan-led vegan company and would like to pitch to Vegan Investors, please apply to do so HERE. (Please DO NOT FILL OUT THIS APPLICATION UNTIL AFTER SEPTEMBER 15th, 2021. Apply at our showcase link above). Due to the volume of applications received, we are not able to respond to everyone who applies.  We will reach out if you are selected to present. While we are open to receiving applications from outside of the U.S. we tend to favor US companies.

Our virtual pitch sessions are held every month through Zoom. Questions? Email us at

Please note:

  • We are interested in companies that have the potential to scale.  We do not fund vegan food trucks or single-location restaurants, non-profit organizations, or companies that do not have the potential to address a large market or create a meaningful positive impact in our world by removing a significant number of animals from the supply chain.
  • We generally look for early-stage companies raising pre-seed or seed rounds in the range of $100K-$1M. Ideally, you have some revenue or market traction through paid pilots or a successful rewards-based crowdfunding campaign. This is our sweet spot.
  • We are looking specifically for vegan entrepreneurs who are looking to scale vegan companies.
  • We are especially interested in vegan entrepreneurs that are women, people of color, or gender non-conforming, entrepreneurs that are using sustainable packaging for their products, and companies that are directly removing animals from the supply chain by providing plant-based alternatives.
  • Your company should not promote the use of animal products or conduct animal testing.

Let’s disrupt our current inhumane and unsustainable food system!